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As a creative house we strive to do things we're passionate about, while making a difference.

Joining forces with game-changers like you will help us trailblaze a world where all people can thrive.


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Whether you want to join forces and provide tools, resources, and industry expertise, for LGBTQ youth and marginalized communities, or something else, your presence is purposeful and impactful.  

Each month we meet to:

Discuss our agenda for the next 30 days

Share resources and B2B network

Host (paid) digital events, workshops, and more. 

House of Wolf specializes in creating unforgettable experiential events that impact the way people see and experience the world.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

These are the 3 core ways we strive to make change while fulfilling our passions:



Classes, lessons, workshops, resources, informative content and articles.



Meaningful stories, community causes, and awareness campaigns to inspire change.



Interactive, human experiences fueled by art, adventure, and creativity, to ignite connection and compassion.


Are you down to build an alliance with purpose?

As our Partner you'll be our first choice for paid collaborations, we'll feature you and your business in our quarterly publication, and shout you out online every month. 

As our Affiliate you'll earn incentives every time you mention us, refer us, or re-share our content.


All of our Partners & Affiliates get 20% off sitewide, earn points for experiences, merch, and hand selected goods. View our BFF Rewards here.


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