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Let's Make Power Moves Together.

Look at the world around you and you'll see exactly why our presence is necessary right now. A crippled economy, chronic homelessness, an epidemic of violence, greed, hate, and so on. The world is out of touch. Most operating on the 'every man for himself' creed.


As artists and creatives we understand how crucial community is. That's why we're building tight bonds with those who share our vision for a world where we all can thrive. That dream starts with collaboration. We're talking about a way for us to win together.


What are you passionate about? Let's leverage our passions to build an eco-system that is sustainable and expansive for everyone involved. To put it simple, let's help each other win. You down?


See Who's Here Already

What We'll Do

Our collaboration will be centered on sharing resources, recommending one another on and offline, and curating experiences that spark deeper thought and inspires action.


We want to build genuine connections with people who share our values and believe in our vision. When we make our partnership official we will feature your individual names, company, and logo in our directory then spotlight you in our House Friends Newsletter + online. 

Why You'll Love Partnering with Us

We do deep research. We are detail focused, obsessively thorough, curious seekers, maintaining a pulse on statistics, industry trends, and social analytics, to stay ahead of the rest. 

We are masters of our craft. Our combined experience spans over 15 years in sales, marketing, branding, and design. We have built clothing brands, small businesses, and led activations in fashion, music, food, and wellness.

We are intuitively driven. We don't just rely on numbers and research, what we do is guided intuitively. We study and practice alchemy and modern psychology. Our work is set apart because it's fueled by astrology, numerology, and color psychology.

Being Connected Has It's Rewards

Whether we decide to connect solely for paid collaboration or something else, we offer these things with no strings attached. 

  • Press Releases

  • Shout Outs 

  • Reposts

  • Newsletter Mentions 

That means if we create any of these for you, we will never charge a fee later. Any work we may agree to do in addition to what's listed may be discussed and negotiated upon on a project to project basis. 

Our main goal with this partnership is to capitalize on our strengths and turn our challenges into superpowers. We all can thrive together. 



Earn Some Dough

Are you down for the cause? Spread the word about what we do and earn money when your word of mouth brings in new members and sales.  We're looking for conscious ambassadors to represent our  brand worldwide.


When you sign up you'll get your own personal affiliate codes. Follow the instructions in your confirmation email after sign-up to  start earning today. 

Let's Make it Official

This is exciting! We can't wait to start making major moves together. Drop us a line and let us know you're down to join the pack and we'll be in touch right away! 


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