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House of Wolf is fueling innovative, thought provoking ideas that don't just make noise, we make impact. We design marketplace goods, and multimedia that disrupts social norms --- transforming the way we see and experience the world. We're always eager to collab on projects and campaigns that drive the world forward. Explore our current work or get in touch to collab. 

The Love Project

An intimate look inside the lives of unconventional couples defying the odds, proving love has no bounds.


Aside from the incredible work she does at House of Wolf, OMi is an Alchemist and Spiritual Practitioner who strives to open the minds and hearts of others. 

This collection is intended to invoke collective consciousness and inspired ideas for the future. The time to awaken is now. The time to change is now. The future we deserve is up to us to create. 

Image by Jakayla Toney

Who gives a fuck about gender roles. Fluidity, originality, and androgyny are rad and we heavily celebrate all who are brave enough to embrace it. 

This collection is a reminder to defy society's expectations and speak, behave, dress, and carry yourself according to your own rules and standards. Gender roles are dead. Resilience and duality is in forever!

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