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The Future is Ours to Create

Consumption culture is dead. We're changing the way we see and experience the world through intentional action that impacts the communities we come from and then the rest of the world. With activism woven within our mission we strive to use our passions as leverage for change. We're not just doing what we love, we're using it as a way to inform, inspire, and ignite change.


We need your support to continue our efforts. Outside of the work she's done with House of Wolf Inc. since 2019, our Founder has dedicated her time for environmental justice, domestic violence, and serving the LGBTQ+ youth. From fundraising to volunteering our time, we are devoted to making real impact that creates more opportunities and accessibility for all to thrive. When you sow a seed you are aiding in our efforts to make substantial progress.

Your Support Brings Our Media to the Mainstream Audience

The future is raw authentic storytelling. Truth, is the only thing that will set us free. No more talking about change. We are creating the change through storytelling that is honest and fueled by integrity. 


The masterminds behind the media we create are seekers and deep researchers who find joy in learning about history and culture. We're analytical and curious about how things work, always ready and waiting with solutions that serve the greater good of all, not just select groups of people. We are invested in building community and strong partnerships with thought leaders and disruptors. We're innovative visionaries who stay ahead of the rest. We know what we consume is what we become, that's why we consciously set the tone and fuel the influence. House of Wolf TV and HOW Mag is media that matters because we're feeding the world with content that is valuable, informative, inspiring, to ignite change. 




Our first irl clubhouse opens in LA in 2024 featuring an eclectic, multidimensional space with 4 creative studios centered on music, fashion, film, and art, plus a lounge, art gallery, and a plant based cafe. 



Soul Food Sundays is an initiative started in Hawaii in 2019 to serve homemade plant based meals to the unhoused. With a critically high homeless population in LA we aim to serve meals 2 Sundays a month and provide hygiene supplies and resources for increment weather. 

The Last Sunday of every month is a gathering for our community to share live music, yoga, meditation, and a free potluck dinner. Every $20 donated feeds up to 4 people.

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