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A space to gather, work, perform, & prosper together.

At the intersection of creative collaboration & activism is House of Wolf --- the destination for fearless, forward-thinkers who are turning their passions into day jobs, while making a difference in the world. Our virtual & irl clubhouse functions as a hybrid production house and gathering space where music, fashion, and art reign supreme. House of Wolf is mission-led, with a lens centered on the disenfranchised, LGBTQ+ youth, and the unhoused. 


We are building a vetted network of conscious creativeprenuers who are sick of small talk and consumption culture. Together, we're ditching the 9-5 mindset and disrupting the status quo through intentional creation rooted in world change. 



Life is what you make it, don't waste it.

Do what you love. Love hard. Eat well.

Think big. Play often. Go with the flow.

Leave the world better when you go. 


Creating opportunities to leverage passion for a more fulfilling and joyful life. Disrupting social norms and relentlessly pushing the bounds, because seriously, fuck the status quo. Until we are all free, none of us are free. Until we all can thrive, none of us can thrive.


Cultivating a world where the playing field is equal for all; fueled by creative collaboration, rooted in community. 






Our Culture

House of Wolf functions as an inclusive, peer-led community where creatives of color are prioritized, and all people belong. We are passionate about forging authentic connections with people we actually like. Because networking is not about faking it. It's about building tight bonds with people who believe in your ideas, your mission, and your vision. Together, we're changing the way we see and experience the world, bonding together for causes that matter, spotlighting the underrated, and giving the underdogs their flowers. 

We created the House Friends Membership to supply our resident artists and creators with the core essentials needed to continue expanding their network and elevating their work. Our monthly curated events are intended to bring people together and spark creative expression, exploration, and conversation on topics that matter.

Our Values

We embrace individuality,  originality, integrity, kindness, compassion, radical honesty, perseverance, resilience, courage, giving without expectation, kinship, & sustainability. 



"Imagine how many odds are stacked against me to be Black, to be Queer, and to be a Woman." 

-- OMi


Naomi 'OMi' Wolf is a yogi, spiritual practitioner, and a die-hard creative who's always had her heart set on making a difference in the world. She's no stranger to hard work and giving back; she got her first job at 14, and was involved in neighborhood cleanups, tree planting, and serving the unhoused. 


OMi has always envisioned herself as a leader with an unorthodox view of the world. Aware of the challenges and struggles of every day society but optimistic about what things can be for all people. She has volunteered for causes near and dear to her since elementary school, now seeing House of Wolf as an opportunity to continue fulfilling her mission for world impact.


Before she founded House of Wolf Inc. OMi made a name for herself as a self-taught cut & sew designer creating eclectic streetwear pieces, and 1 of 1's in NYC. Her extensive professional and creative experience spans across real estate, marketing, branding, retail management, and working with children. In 2019 she packed up and left the gritty city she had called home for over a decade to immerse deeper into an intentional spiritual journey. In the midst of editing her 3rd self-publication 'The Evolution of Wolf', a memoir of self-discovery and purpose; she realized she was missing something crucial -- she craved community. Thus bringing to life House of Wolf.  What originated as a healing arts community has now been reimagined into a digitally curated space where artists and creators can share their work, feel supported, and talk about tough shit. 

As a multi-dimensional creative OMi frequently struggled to find her place in the world, realizing her out-of-the-box mindset made it difficult to resonate with most people she encountered. The constant feeling of being misunderstood made her quest for kindred spirits crucial. House of Wolf Inc. was a way to bridge the gap between who she was creatively, and who she was consciously growing into spiritually -- it served as a way to feel whole. 


Though missteps and setbacks seemed to be abundant, including a global pandemic, epilepsy and health complications, plus drastic changes in her social circle, OMi remained steadfast to the vision for House of Wolf Inc. After a year hiatus in 2022, some redesigning, and strong strategy, she re-launched the digital realm with her focus on opening the first of many irl clubhouses, where creatives can gather, create, perform, and prosper together. 

OMi is more than a spiritually-fueled creativeprenuer, she's  a brilliant writer and poet who moves people with her words and wisdom, a humanitarian with a love for helping those in need, a mentor, and a visionary. She is exactly what the world needs right now. Learn more about how you can help us open our first clubhouse in Los Angeles, CA >>

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